As demands by society on the forest increase, forest managers are asked to consider increasingly diverse and complex objectives. Around the globe, forest managers have turned to forest estate modeling as a tool used to provide insight into problems that are too complicated to be solved intuitively. The expectations of sustainable forest management require resource analysts, forest managers, and decision makers to understand the current state of forest estate models and how information from these models can improve forest management decisions.

In June 2007 a conference titled "Decisions for Sustainability: Forest Estate Models for the Future" provided a unique opportunity to share experiences, knowledge, and ideas around using forest estate models in making decisions for the sustainability of our forests. The conference was attended by resource analysts, forest managers, and academics with an interest in the use of forest estate models in decision processes.

This website provides abstracts and the presentation slides for the 50 presenters at the conference and serves as a link to the forest estate modelling community. 

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Forest Estate Models

Decisions for Sustainability
Forest Estate Models for the Future
June 12-14, 2007
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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19-21 August 2015,  16th Symposium for System Analysis in Forest Resources, Uppsala, Sweden